A Personal ACTIVATION course like no other.

At ROARRR we believe that IDENTITY forms the foundation to a successful life journey. A strong sense of IDENTITY increases the likelihood of achieving desired milestones, but more importantly weather the storms we face. Our first and foundational program focuses on activating you to become brand conscious in order for successful BRAND development to take place.

Through the use of our unconventional “I am a BRAND” (IAB) workshop (40 000 program completions to date), you will be empowered with ROARRR’s unique ‘Brand Equation’! This will not only assist you to actively build your PERSONAL BRAND identities, but also give you a glimpse into how your brand can add value to the bigger picture. Our activation process is then supplemented with our SELF-MASTERY programming to solidify key HABITS for successful personal brand development.


  • IAB activates and promote self-development.
  • It will establish/activate personal (brand) fundamentals.
  • Activates the journey of developing personal brand identity.
  • Become a value adding citizen/employee.
  • Cultivate consistency/habits that will assist in reaching your personal goals.


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